About Us

About Us

A spirited wanderer fueled by a deep love for exploring diverse cultures & beliefs. I’m captivated by humanity & nature’s wonders. I have a passion for architecture, arts, & design. Connecting with people brings me immense joy; my loved ones are my rock. I’m in awe of animals & the great outdoors, always seeking new adventures. Seafood & delicious cuisine never fail to put a smile on my face. Transforming & beautifying things is my happy place.

Welcome to our home! As a mom-daughter team, we’ve been working and designing together for a long time. We love everything Savannah has to offer – great food, culture, history and natural beauty, and we designed Villa Laguna to be a representation of that. We hope you love the house and Savannah as much as we do, and make the most of the amenities we included with you in mind.

As fellow travel enthusiasts, we wanted to invite you to follow us on Instagram and if you post any adventures while you’re here, please feel free to tag us!

We hope you have an amazing stay in your home away from home!


Mona & Hannah

Company Values

We respect these main principles and maintain them among our friendly team.


We do not keep secrets from each other and our clients, and stay always open to you.


Team-building became very important part of our friendly and eventful team routine.


Our team is constantly increasing the level of mastery by visiting various seminars.

One team

The whole team meets every week to discuss various issues which happened during it.


We also search for modern and up-to-date solution of various routine problems.


We’ve carefully selected each of our accommodations to ensure your utmost comfort and a delightful stay