Amenities At Villa Laguna

With its spacious layout and luxurious amenities, at Villa Laguna every guest can enjoy their stay with ample room to relax and unwind.

Amenities At Villa Laguna

Take advantage of all our amenities and services.

Villa Laguna is designed to comfortably host up to 8 guests. Its expansive layout and lavish amenities ensure every guest can savor their stay with plenty of space to unwind. Whether it’s enjoying cozy evenings by the fireplace, taking refreshing dips in the pool, or relishing leisurely meals in the elegant dining area, Villa Laguna offers a tranquil and welcoming sanctuary.

saltwater Swimming Pool

A refreshing way to cool off, unwind and relax.  Lounge chairs lend to an easy escape from life’s busy routine.

Large Deck

Socializing and enjoying family and friends in a tranquil environment with comfortable seating.

Comfortable Sleep

 High quality bedding and linens that create a more inviting and relaxing sleep environment.

Fully Stocked Kitchen

Feel at home with everything needed to prepare meals, saving guests time and money.

Outdoor Dining

Enjoy meals in a scenic and relaxed setting, connect with nature and create memorable experiences with family and friends.

Ping Pong Table & Games

Picture yourself enjoying friendly competitions, laughter-filled evenings, and unforgettable bonding moments with loved ones.

beach Beach

Escape to your dream beach getaway with everything you need for the perfect day by the sea.

Convenient Location

Located Between Historic Savannah (10 min.) & Tybee Island Beach (15 min.).